Thursday, May 2, 2013

Really sad HIV stats

The reliable Dr. Eric Tayag of the Philippine Department of Health, who I follow on Twitter, reported this:

For March 2013: 370 new #HIV cases bringing total to 1,089 for the year and 12,791 since 1984 (when the Philippines started recording HIV cases). We now have 12 new #HIV cases everyday. #DOH

When I was diagnosed as HIV-positive in March 2010, the number of new HIV cases everyday was between 3 and 4.  In just a little over 2 years, it has grown to 12 new HIV cases daily. :(

No matter how much the private sector and government try to stem the growing number of HIV cases in the country through various activities and aggressive campaigns on safe sex and not sharing used needles among drug users, it still keep rising.

And I blame this already on poor personal judgement/decision.choice.  Why? Because no matter how much we all hanker or prod the vulnerable sector of society to refrain from doing unsafe sex and sharing needles, it is still up to the persons involved to decide if they will follow it or not.

I am sure they are old enough to understand the dire consequences of unsafe acts that may lead to contracting HIV but if they insist on doing otherwise, then that is their choice.

I hope something is done about this. A draconian measure, if needed, to stop the growing epidemic.