Tuesday, June 25, 2013


To PLHIVs reading this, if you wanna be in a group composed of fellow PLHIVs, advocates, supporters and the like, join the Facebook group called The Red Ribbon.  You can find useful information there as well as get valuable advice from knowledgeable people.

Believe me, you can learn a lot from that Facebook page.  I'm a member there. :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Three years after

Well what do you know, I marked my 3rd year as a PLHIV last March 26 and it was only early this week that I remembered that significant date after I mentioned about my blog to a new friend of mine I met through social media.

Three years of living with this incurable ailment.  Three years of hosting a virus that I contracted through unsafe sex.  Three years of ups and downs as far as my health is concerned.

So you might ask, how have I been doing since I learned that I was HIV-positive on that fateful day of March 26, 2010.  As of this writing, I am doing good so far.

I can't say the same though in the months that followed after I learned that I am a PLHIV.  After I started taking antiretrovirals (ARVs), I contracted fever and rashes all over my body, which meant that the first line of ARV given to me caused an allergic reaction so it had to be changed.  I was weak and had to stay in bed for more than a week as my body adjusted to the ARVs, which wrought havoc on my work sked.  I also suffered from bouts of folliculitis on my scalp, cellulitis on my legs, and then I had shingles.  Since March 2010, I'd been hospitalized twice and would see a doctor every now and then for various bodily ailments as a result of my body's adjustment to the ARVs I was taking,

It was such a struggle way back then and I nearly gave up on living.  If it weren't for fellow PLHIVS, friends who knew about my status, my family and my partner who would help me deal with my condition, I would have been six feet underground a long time ago.

It's a daily struggle to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and taking my ARVs on time.  I also have to be on guard every day against any health menace considering that my immune system is already compromised.  Even if I am taking ARVs, it is no guarantee that I won't get sick.  There are times when I suddenly become unwell so I have to go and have a checkup whenever it happens even if it is just a case of ordinary fever.

Aside from this, I also have to deal with occasional bouts of depression as a result of my condition and an effect of my ARVs.  It can be difficult at times but thankfully, I am able to manage well.

I know there will still be difficulties and challenges ahead as a result of my health status but with God's help, and the support of my friends, my family and my partner; I know that I can overcome them with flying colors-so to speak.

And as a felllow PLHIV would often tell me - keep on fighting!

Higher and higher

Another grim statistics for HIV in the Philippines.

Department of Health official Doc Eric Tayag (‏@erictayag) reported today that "#DOH adds 388 new #HIV cases for APR 2013, highest ever for monthly new cases  Total for 2013 is 1,477  Total since 1984 is 13,179."

Every month, we have been posting the highest ever monthly new cases and I don't see the end in sight.

This is because I believe that the increasing number of cases of HIV in the Philippines is not anymore due to the lack of information and the conduct of an aggressive campaign against the spread of the ailment but more already on the apathy of those who belong to the high-risk sector of the society.

Because they prefer unprotected sex over safe sex, they already throw caution to the wind and do it.

What do you guys think?